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Transferring Associations

AMT welcomes inquiries from therapists interested in transferring from another association. This fact sheet provides an overview of how easy it is to transfer your membership to AMT and lists the documentation we require.

We will need to determine the currency of your provider status with the private health funds before we can process a transfer. If you have current provider status we can carry that across to our health fund lists. We would be happy to give you specific advice on where you stand.

Please call our Head Office on 02 9211 2441 so we can assess whether you are eligible to transfer your membership to AMT. We can also give you advice on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to update your qualifications to the national standard.

Please note that all practitioner members of AMT are required to provide a national police check to be admitted to AMT. For information about AMT's police check requirements and how to obtain one, please go here.

Special Offer - join now and you won't need to renew for 15 months

AMT is currently offering a special deal to therapists transferring from another association. Transfer to AMT now and we will give you an extra three months on your first year of membership with us. This means that if you join in, say, January 2019 you won’t need to renew until April 2019.