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AMT Mentoring Program

Applications are now open for AMT’s pilot mentoring program!

Apply here

AMT sees the value of finding a personal reflective space away from the busy-ness of your work; a conversational space which stimulates your thinking and helps you develop clearer insights into your questions, issues and plans. A six-month Pilot Mentoring Program is now available to massage therapists who are in the first three years of work or who are nearing the end of their studies (as mentees) and therapists with at least five years’ experience (to act as mentors).

AMT has partnered with Art of Mentoring to facilitate an online platform which provides a space for training and resource materials, and which aids us in matching mentors and mentees, and in administering the program.

Download the pilot mentoring program information booklet

The AMT Mentoring program is designed with the benefits to early career massage therapists in mind – an opportunity to engage in professional conversation with a mentor, to improve personal and communication skills, to plan for your own professional growth or the success of your business. One-to-one support from a trusted colleague will provide you with objective feedback on your development in the industry and provide opportunities to explore personal challenges in your career.

The program is also a great opportunity for more established massage therapists to share from their own experience and facilitate the growth of someone in the early years of the profession. Connecting and sharing with a mentee will sharpen your listening and feedback skills, assist in your own learning and aid in the creation of higher standards in our industry.

For both parties, this is a great opportunity to grow professionally as you spend quality time and share mutual interests with someone working in the same line of work. As an added bonus both mentor and mentee will be rewarded with 70 CEUs for satisfactory completion of all aspects of the program.

Your commitment

Both mentees and mentors must be willing to complete the training provided, attend program webinars, commit to regular interaction with your mentoring partner and complete surveys from time to time. These will take around 10 hours in addition to 2-3 hours per month with your mentoring partner.

To join as a mentee, you should be either a student nearing the completion of training or in your first three years of working as a massage therapist. To join as a mentor, you should have at least five years’ experience in the industry and a willingness to journey alongside an early career professional as they ‘find their feet’ as a massage therapist.

Applications for the pilot program open on August 29.

The application form is designed to assist us match mentee and mentor effectively. Your ‘best’ mentoring partner may live at a distance, requiring you to connect via phone or Skype.

More information on the program is available here and you can download the pilot mentoring program information booklet here.

AMT wishes to acknowledge and thank Fenton Green for their generous sponsorship and support of the program.