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The AMT blog was launched in mid-September 2017. It features weekly articles, news and updates of interest to AMT members and the wider massage therapy community. You’ll find the AMT blog here.

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AMT welcomes articles for consideration to be included on the blog.These articles should be aimed at AMT members (i.e.massage therapists) and can be a case study, a book review, a review of a research study, personal experience, an examination of a massage relevant topic or similar articles. Please pitch your ideas to us via blog@amt.org.au.

Articles should be between 800-1200 words. Please read the blog to gauge style and tone. Images, with appropriate permissions, are a bonus.

We do not publish advertorials.

Submit your article to blog@amt.org.au.

Mythbusting: Does Massage Therapy Flush Toxins? Part 2

You’ve heard it so many times, it must be true. Massage really does vanquish the toxin demons. With the aid of her trusty Vodkamatic2000, Rebecca Barnett gives us the real story.

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Post date: 19-2-2020

Mythbusting: Does Massage Therapy Flush Toxins?

This blog, the latest in our mythbusting series, was a long time in the making. It involved hours of careful research synthesis and an unparalleled attention to detail. We recommend you make a cuppa and settle in for an engaging read.

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Post date: 18-2-2020

Remember to Pack the Fruit Bowl

How do you operate your business when threatened by a catastrophic bushfire? Massage Therapist Tara Goulding shares her story.

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Post date: 12-2-2020