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The AMT Blog

The AMT blog was launched in mid-September 2017. It features weekly articles, news and updates of interest to AMT members and the wider massage therapy community. You’ll find the AMT blog here.

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AMT welcomes articles for consideration to be included on the blog.These articles should be aimed at AMT members (i.e.massage therapists) and can be a case study, a book review, a review of a research study, personal experience, an examination of a massage relevant topic or similar articles. Please pitch your ideas to us via blog@amt.org.au.

Articles should be between 800-1200 words. Please read the blog to gauge style and tone. Images, with appropriate permissions, are a bonus.

We do not publish advertorials.

Submit your article to blog@amt.org.au.

Mythbusting: Massage Reduces Cortisol

Massage reduces cortisol levels! Or does it? Dan Wonnocott returns to bust another massage myth.

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Post date: 10-12-2019


Revisit 7 of the best articles we’ve featured on AMT’s blog in 2019. Which was your favourite?

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Post date: 5-12-2019

The Opposite of Hurt

How easy is it to read “cancer” scribbled on an intake form, assemble our cancer knowledge and treat accordingly? But what about the person on the end of that diagnosis? What role do they have in treatment?

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Post date: 27-11-2019