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Classified research database

The massage therapy research cited in AMT's database has been classified according to the National Health and Medical Research Council's (NHMRC) evidence hierarchy. It includes a brief summary of the current state of the evidence for massage therapy in connection with a range of presenting conditions and populations.

AMT publishes an update of the database annually, usually in January.

Where specific articles cited are available as full free text, a hyperlink directly to the material on the web has been included.

If you would like your research included in this document, please submit details via email to info@amt.org.au.

If you believe there are errors in any of the references or information in this document, please notify AMT via email to info@amt.org.au.

AMT Classified Research January 2018
AMT Classified Research January 2017
AMT Classified Research January 2016
AMT Classified Research January 2015
AMT Classified Research January 2014
AMT Classified Research July 2013