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July 2023

Submission to the Department of Health regarding home care packages

April 2023

Submission to the Human Ability VET workplan

January 2018

Submission to the Northern Territory Dept of Health on the terms of the National Code of Conduct

May 2014

Submission to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council - on the terms of a National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers

January 2013

Submission to the Chief Medical Officer - Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies

September 2011

Submission to NSW WorkCover on provider recognition

April 2011

Submission to the Australian Health Minister's Advisory Council on options for regulation of unregistered health practitioners

Submission to NSW WorkCover on regulation of service providers in the NSW workers compensation system

September 2008

Massage Therapy Awareness Week 2008 Press Release

February 2008

AMT Submission to NSW Health in response to the Unregistered Health Practitioners Code of Conduct Impact Assessment Statement.

October 2007

Evidence Based Massage (PDF)

August 2007

Massage Therapy Awareness Week 2007 Promotion Kit (ZIP)

May 2007

Submission to the Department of Veterans' Affairs on the Recognition of Massage Therapy (PDF)