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Conference Workshops

Acute and sub-acute injuries

Presented by Jane Clare

The focus of this highly interactive workshop will be assessment and treatment of common injuries, both on and off the sporting field. It will also include common types of back pain such as flare-ups of chronic conditions, facet joint versus disc injury, and often overlooked, garden-variety back muscle strains.

In a series of short practical sessions, we will use assessment tools to differentiate specific injuries and conditions from those with similar presentations. This will be an opportunity to refocus on the management of injuries from the point of initial injury through to full, functional rehabilitation.

On Day 2, a series of scenario-based case studies will provide a platform for participants to explore and share their processes for interviewing/intake, assessment and treatment planning. Templates/forms will be provided to record assessments, treatment and rehabilitation so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who might struggle with documentation.

DermoNeuroModulating (DNM)

Presented by Robin Kerr

DermoNeuroModulating (DNM) is a manual therapy system developed by Canadian Physiotherapist Diane Jacobs for the treatment of pain. It is a structured, interactive approach that focuses on ‘sensory rehabilitation’ rather than the manipulation of ‘mechanical tissue’ via application of techniques that focus on the cutaneous nerves. Pain reduction is assumed to be due to positive changes in the nervous system. DNM techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective, and are increasingly considered to be an important part of the manual therapy of the future.

FunctionalRelease Technique

Presented by Aran Bright

With so many massage myths being busted, what does a modern approach to remedial massage actually look like? If trigger points aren't what we thought they were and fascia doesn't release in the way we thought it did, then what now?

There are some approaches to massage that are not new but sit well with a modern understanding of pain and function. This workshop will be focused on revisiting many standard remedial techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilisation and mobility exercises, and rediscovering them from a modern biopsychosocial perspective. The workshop will be structured in a case study format to cover assessment and treatment.