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Benefits of joining AMT

Your AMT membership gives you access to a range of benefits and services. Please download our member benefits brochure to find out how your AMT membership will benefit you.

Develop your skills

AMT offers ongoing professional development opportunities to members at a discounted rate including:

Stay informed

Your AMT membership keeps you up to date with developments in the massage therapy profession via:

Keep connected

AMT membership gives you ample opportunities to share information and network with your professional peers through:

Be truly represented

As a single modality representative body, you can be confident that your AMT membership fees are solely dedicated to advocating for the massage therapy profession at both a state and national level.

Be supported

AMT members benefit profoundly from our in-house mentoring scheme, which is designed to support you whether you are relatively new to practice or you have years of experience.

AMT members also benefit from our practice management resources and services including:

Protect your practice

AMT members have access to discounts on professional indemnity and public liability insurance via our partnership with Fenton Green. However AMT allows you to choose your insurer rather than locking you in to a particular underwriter.

Enhance your reputation

Being an AMT member brings you the professional recognition and credibility of a long-established and respected representative body.