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COVID-19 awareness campaign

On Sunday March 15, AMT launched a campaign to raise awareness of the need for Government stimulus to support massage therapists to cease client treatments and to help massage therapists navigate their response to COVID-19. Here are resources used during that campaign.

Media Releases

AMT establishes a Biosecurity Planning Committee in response to COVID19

AMT advises its 3000 practitioner members to shut down in response to COVID19

AMT calls on Federal Government to expand stimulus in wake of COVID19

Fact sheets and resources

AMT return to practice self-assessment tool

AMT COVID-19 risk assessment examples

AMT COVID-19 risk assessment webinar

Laundry protocol fact sheet

Ongoing video updates

21 May 2020 (audio only).

17 April 2020.

22 April 2020.

8 May 2020.

Practice resources

COVID-19 return to practice self assessment tool

Letters and templates

AMT letter to key members of parliament regarding the impact on the massage therapy workforce in Australia March 15

AMT advice to members to stop direct client contact March 16

Template letter to local member of parliament.

Template letter to local member of parliament for massage therapists who want to down tools

Template letter to local member of parliament for massage therapists who have downed tools

Template letter to the Treasurer, Prime Minister and Finance Minister regarding the second stimulus announcement

Massage therapists want clear direction on COVID19

Template letter requesting rent relief

Template letter client update


Timeline of COVID19 events

Things to consider before booking a massage

Social media squares

My arms are not 1.5 metres long

Closed for COVID 19

Closed for COVID 19 version 2

Health and safety of my community

Being hands on means being off work

Hands off for COVID19

I am a protector not a vector

Social distance is not a prescription for massage therapy