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Campaign to retain the private health insurance rebate for massage therapy

At the beginning of 2015, AMT launched a campaign to retain the private health insurance rebate for massage therapy. An online petition was established in the wake of media speculation that the Federal Health Department would make moves to axe the government rebate on private health insurance policies covering natural therapies, including massage therapy. This speculation was fueled by a leaked draft of a National Health and Medical Research report into the efficacy of 17 natural therapies currently covered under private health insurance ancillary cover packages.

In a media release announcing the launch of the petition, AMT clearly reiterated its position that the practice of massage therapy was underpinned by a solid evidential basis. This position is supported by hundreds of studies, which are contained in AMT's submission to the Chief Medical Officer, submitted as part of the NHMRC natural therapies review. The AMT submission is available for download here.

What you can do

Sign the petition, which is being hosted by Change.org.

Download and distribute AMT's client communique, which outlines why AMT launched its campaign and gives clients options for how to support the campaign.

Write directly to the health minister, Sussan Ley, to let her know how massage therapy fits into your healthcare plan and what conditions you use massage therapy to treat.

Enlist the support of your local MP. Let them know how the removal of the private health insurance rebate will impact you as a holder of private health insurance.