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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Please note: AMT is introducing a new professional development scheme throughout 2020. AMT members will be rolled into the new system when they renew their annual membership. Please download our 2020 Professional Development Guide for more information.

For information about Continuing Education, including how to maintain your CEUs, please download AMT's All about Continuing Education Units (CEUs) booklet.

Need some professional development inspiration? We’ve got some brand new suggestions for 2019, along with some old favs. You can download our suggested CEUs here.

If you’ve seen an upcoming conference, lecture or Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) that you’re interested in doing, send us the details via info@amt.org.au and we will confirm whether it is eligible for CEUs.

For information about AMT's Position on Post Graduate Dry Needling courses please go here.

Download a Peer Review form here.

AMT's official scope of practice for massage therapy is published in the AMT Code of Practice. Study in modalities identified by AMT to be outside the scope of massage will not be awarded any continuing education points. For a full list of these modalities please refer to page 12 of the AMT Code of Practice here.