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Calendar of AMT Events

Due to COVID-19 all local networking meetings and face to face events are cancelled until further notice.

Need some professional development inspiration? We've got a whole swag of new suggestions for 2022, along with some old favs. You can download our suggested professional development guide here.

If you've seen an upcoming conference, lecture or Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) that you’re interested in doing, send us the details via info@amt.org.au and we will confirm whether it is eligible for CPD.

April 2022
11 Record Keeping Webinar
Presented by Liz Sharkey
12.00pm AEST
Register online here
May 2022
17 Massage & Cancer Research Webinar
Presented by Lizzie Milligan
7.30pm AEST
Register online here
26 Domestic and Family Violence: Why it matters to massage therapists Webinar
Presented by Dr Sarah Fogarty
7.30pm AEST
Register online here
June 2022
22 It's in the air! Time to reVAMP your massage practice Webinar
Presented by Scott Lloyd-Owen and Rebecca Barnett
7.30pm AEST
Register online here
July 2022
21 Should research consider massage as a process rather than a technique Webinar
Presented by Jennifer Richardson
7.30pm AEST
Register online here