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AMT Merchandise

You can order merchandise online here if you wish to pay via credit card, alternatively you can download a merchandise order form here.

You can order the virtual conference proceedings online here.

A5 Receipt books (100 leaves) A5 Receipt books (100 leaves)
Postage for 1 book - $5.00
Postage for 2-4 books - $8.00
Postage for 5 books - $10.00
What is Massage Therapy Brochure What is Massage Therapy Brochure
25 Brochures - $17.00 plus $5.00 Postage
50 Brochures - $30.00 plus $8.00 Postage
100 Brochures - $55.00 plus $10.00 Postage
AMT virtual conference proceedings AMT virtual conference proceedings
Full conference proceedings (includes Robert Libbey LAST workshop) - $99.00
Robert Libbey LAST workshop only (3 hours) - $50.00 plus